Lyrics for Adelaide Denison show

Portrait of Adelaide Denison

Adelaide has some really brilliant classic country tunes. Follow along here:

Red Dirt

A little bit of a Space Western

Home for me is Ten Sleep, Wyoming
Where cattle graze on the open range
Russet cliffs watch over rivers rolling
And west winds dance across the plains

I was raised in the Big Horn Mountains
Sleeping under stars on the cattle drive
Dreaming ‘bout wild mustangs and cowboys
Their spirits ride through those wistful pines
Oh the pines

My heart is happiest beneath wide open skies
It’s out here on the frontier that I feel most alive
These rough and calloused ranching hands were raised to break new ground
I was born on red dirt and that’s where they’ll lay me down

When I was young my daddy told me stories
‘Bout John Colter and the mountain men
And I’d dream of taking off across the prairies
To be a fearless explorer just like them

But there ‘aint no wild wild west left to settle
And there ‘aint much room left for a wandering heart
Some might call me sentimental
But I’ve been a rover from the start


I finally found an adventure all my own
When those rockets carried me into the great unknown

It’s a quiet night, tonight in Ten Sleep
But I’m 200 million miles away
The air here is cold and my path is steep
But Phobos and Deimos light my way



Last week you came home late three times
It’s like you’re trying to drive me right outta my mind
Well let me tell ya baby it’s a real short drive
When you come home wearing that Channel No. 5
And that aint mine

So I’m calling you to say we’re through
You’re gonna rue the day you were ever untrue
I poured your scotch down the sink and the bourbon too
I drove your jacked up jeep right into the pool
And you’re a damn fool

Cuz you might lie, and you might cheat
but no one does revenge like me
baby you’re in my wheelhouse now

I set fire to your baseball cards
I smashed a hole in the wall with your steel guitar
And all the while I smoked your best cigars
I guess you shoulda kept your hand out of the cookie jar
And now I’m sayin au revoir


You played the game just like a fox
Well you might have cheated but you lost


I hope you had fun runnin around
and I’m so glad we got that joint bank account
Now I’m flyin high and skipping town
Got me a private jet and I’m Mexico bound
Can’t catch me now


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