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Show date:  Jun. 22, 2016

emo singing

Having been immersed in the wonderful world of singer-songwriters during my time at Song Talk Radio, I’ve attended quite a number of gigs and open mics over the past year.

Everyone I’ve seen perform has great talent in singing, playing an instrument and writing music.

However, I find there’s a lot of variation in a performer’s ability to make an emotional impact on me as an audience member.

A singer may have an amazing voice, but if every song in their set (or even a single song) is delivered in the exact same way and with little variation in emotional expression, I might leave thinking: “That was a good show”, but not feeling that my mind was blown or heart inspired.

So, I’d like to share an exercise – the Song Interpretation Exercise, to be exact – that may help in taking your performance up a notch in the mind-blowing, heart-inspiring department.

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Show date:  Jun. 21, 2016

Faaria Mehgji

Click here to download the lyrics for Faaria’s songs or follow along below! Don’t forget to tweet in your thoughts!

This Night Isn’t Perfect


From shapes and colours
We picked each other among the rest

In this whole wide world
How do we know if we picked the best?

And we’ll never ever
We’ll never know
All we know is

This night isn’t perfect but neither are we
I’ll take my chances than not know what could be
So tell me now
Are you in or out?
Then lock it down
It’s ok to have doubts

I will love all that you have and forgive all you don’t
They’ll search for better but you know that I wont
So tell me now
Are you in or out?
Then lock it down
It’s ok to have doubts

It’s a leap of faith
It’s a risk you can’t calculate
It’s at the tip of your tongue
But you’re afraid you might make a mistake
You will never ever
You’ll never be sure
Just be sure that


If you’re happy in this moment
That’s all that counts


Yours Forever


Don’t know where you were born
Don’t know what makes you laugh
But I’ll drown deep in your eyes
And give you everything I have and more
So don’t you let me go


I’ll be waiting, contemplating
About you in my dreams
Until you start shining, singing, smiling
With, for, and about me
Cuz I don’t even know your name
But I’ll be yours forever
Singing I don’t even know your name
But I’ll be yours

We could spend years together
You can tell me all your secrets
But let’s skip that all together
Cuz your eyes have told me them just now
Somehow I know just who you are


So if this is true love
Then maybe you’ll stay
I pray to the gods above
That maybe one day
You’ll be mine…forever


Show date:  Jun. 15, 2016

Carmen with the team

Carmen Toth / Social Potion joined us for the second time to talk about a new song, and an older one, both of which are appearing on her upcoming album.

Stuff we talked about:

  • writing lyrics first, songs first, or improvising on the fly during a jam/collaboration
  • journalling / creating a “lyrics bank”
  • starting a song from an emotion
  • marketing to promote other artists
  • memorable titles in the world of singles
  • working with a producer to focus the song structure and strengthen commercial appeal
  • writing universal, relatable lyrics
  • using a bridge to bring a new perspective into the song

Download Carmen’s lyrics for the show.

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Show date:  Jun. 07, 2016


From the moment Blair Packham started to speak, we knew we were in for some great lessons from a master songwriter and experienced teacher. If You Were Mine featured a great bridge and instrumental break. In Her Dreams started out as a story of a woman in a call centre and moved to a daughter caring for an ailing mother. In our wide-ranging conversation we also touched on the following:

  • who are you writing for?
  • does the song connect emotionally with the listener?
  • collaboration is good
  • ask for feedback and use it
  • write from your creativity
  • the new singer-songwriter accent (Shawn Mendes song Stitches for example)
  • song-writing workshops (

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Show date:  May. 31, 2016


The ever talented Liz Jaremyn returned with two great songs. Here’s some stuff we talked about:

Listen to the whole show: